Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Break Tip

As some students prepare for Spring Break, March Break, whatever you call it where your are - here's a thought regarding this time of year.
Using your student loan money to finance a wild trip to Florida or Mexico may seem like a good idea now - but the long term pain from the short term gain will haunt you for a lot longer. In fact, by the time you finish paying off the extra money you used to take the trip, you probably won't even remember some of the details of the vacation. Better to save that money and pay it back at year's end towards your student loan . Any amount you can take off your student loans before you are scheduled to start repaying is a bonus towards getting out of debt early.
Enjoy your break - if you can afford it from work income or saved funds, then take that trip! But don't set yourself back even more financially by using borrowed money for a week in the sun.

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