Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pick Your Printer Wisely!

Today's tip is a follow-up to yesterday's printing item. I found the article I remembered which talked about the cost of printer ink. You can find it here - http://bit.ly/dEnBcC - and it is a very interesting read.
What it boils down to is that some printers will warn you well in advance that you are running low on printer ink. The testers at PC World found out as much as 45% of the ink was still in the cartridge when the warning was given. Now, if you have a printer which shuts down when it's 'low on ink' that's a lot of wasted liquid. With the price of ink working out to $4,731 per gallon - that's a lot of money being left in the tank as well.
The best remedy would be to research your printer before you buy to make sure you are getting one that won't shut down at the 'low ink' level. Make sure you purchase good quality ink cartridges for your color ink - but black ink seems to be a different matter. The quality difference is not very visible for most applications. Go with a generic black ink cartridge and maybe switch it out with a name brand one when printing important essays or assignments.

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