Saturday, March 5, 2011

Entertainment not "Spendtertainment"

Today let's talk a bit about spending your entertainment dollars wisely. If you've done a good job budgetting your money you should still be able to have a little entertainment in your life. Movies, nights out with friends, nights in with friends - there are lots of things to do as a group or a couple - even on a budget.
One good rule to live by though is not to spend your entertainment dollars somewhere where spending money is the main activity. This would include places like a Casino or a racetrack. If you've worked hard to save up those extra dollars in order to have a bit of fun - why waste the money on games of chance or on the horses?! There are tons of ways to have fun with your friends or significant other without breaking the bank and taking a chance of going overboard in the process.
Budget entertainment right into your monthly plan - and spend those dollars wisely because you've earned it!

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