About The Author

Moneysmartstudents.com is owned, operated and written by Brian Hostick.

Brian is a father of three teenaged boys and lives in Niagara Falls Ontario Canada.

After falling into financial difficulties of his own, Brian decided to research everything he could about personal finance. In his research he found that students were in need of a lot of guidance when it came to personal money matters. Schools and parents, however, couldn't give students the information they needed. Brian started this website to try and give students some help in travelling the money path as they get ready to face the real world.

Brian is an experienced speaker and broadcaster, and enjoys getting students fired up about taking care of their own personal finances. If you would like to have Brian speak at your school, you can contact him at moneysmartstudents@gmail.com.

Brian's first book, entitled appropriately, 'How to be a Money Smart Student', is now published in paperback, as well as being available as an e-book. Click on 'The Book' tab above for details.