Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another School Year Begins!

Happy September everybody! Another school year is now underway across North America and students everywhere are getting back into their routine. I'm glad to be back here with you as Money Smart Students ramps it up in 2011-12 - ready to help students everywhere get 'ready for the real world'.
I just want to touch on a quick subject today - and that is the need for highschool seniors to start RIGHT NOW thinking about how they are going to pay for college a year from now. Once you've settled in this week the first place you should visit is your school's Guidance Office, or Student Services, or whatever it's called in your area. Talk to your counsellors about options for college including bursaries and scholarships. Some of those have very early deadlines and finding out about a great money source after it's closed for applications won't help you at all.
Are you going to be setting aside some of your part-time income for the next year to help with expenses in college? Can you find a secondary source of income and put ALL of that towards your college fund? There's a lot to think about NOW as you start down the road to college over the next 12 months.
There were lots of studies this past summer showing that a college education is well worth the expense when it comes to earnings later in life. Putting a plan in place to minimize the need for student loans and other financing will give you a leg up on your future after college is finished.
Welcome back everyone - I'm glad to be here again as well.