Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Money on Student's Minds

A new AP-Viacom poll, conducted in association with Stanford University, says money is on the minds of students - a lot. Whether it's the student debt load they are taking on, or how much they'll make when they graduate, students can't escape the fact that money rules their lives.
The poll also confirms that money is the most likely reason a student will drop out of college - not grades.
Average student loan debt tops $23,000 among those surveyed - some reports have it as high as $27,000 - plus another $3-5,000 in credit card debt.
Despite all the money worries, a whopping 85 percent say the effort is worth it in the end when they get a job they love which pays good money.

For a full Associated Press story on the survey, click on the following - Student Money Survey Results