Friday, February 3, 2012

Money Smart For The SuperBowl!

This Sunday marks the end of another great season in the NFL (except for MY team which will remain nameless) with the SuperBowl between the Giants and the Patriots. Millions of football fans will party it up for the big game - including students everywhere. There are a few ways to make sure you don't blow the budget when it comes to enjoying the game this weekend.
First, and foremost, don't go to the local sports bar to watch the game. You'll be paying inflated prices for food and 'refreshments'. Never mind the cost of the cab ride home since I KNOW you'd never drink and drive! A better idea would be to arrange a party with friends, either at your place or somewhere which can hold a few more people. Everyone brings their own drink of choice and do a pot luck on snacks so that everyone's contribution is shared by everyone else.
Second - unless it's just a friendly wager (dishes for a month, etc) don't place any kind of bets on the game. That money could be put to better use somewhere else. Do you really think you can predict who's going to win the coin toss anyhow?
Having a party with friends for the big game will save you money, and it's usually at gatherings like this that somebody does or says something which will become legend in your circle for years to come. Enjoy the game...and if I have to pick one team - go Pats go!

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