Saturday, February 25, 2012

But I Can't Cook!!

Let's talk a little bit about a subject that is near and dear to my heart - FOOD! Everybody needs it. Everybody has their favourite kinds. But not everybody knows how to make it.
As a soon-to-be college student living on your own for the first time, the thought of having to actually prepare your own meals can make you a little nervous. You've been used to having most, if not all, of your food prepared by somebody else (ie - MOM). Soon, though, you will have to fend for yourself and actually make meals at your residence. You do not want to be the stereotypical college student living on Instant Noodles 7 days a week. You will need to be able to prepare even some basic meals in order to survive.
There are lots of ways to get ready for this momentous shift in your world. Learn how to cook from your Mother between now and this coming September. Copy out her recipes so you have your own to take with you. Search online for easy to follow recipes or subscribe to one of the numerous food websites which will send you an email every day with a new recipe you can try.
If having an actual step by step guide is more your style - I've found one on Amazon which just might help. It's called "I Don't Know How To Cook". It includes some very basic instructions on very easy to make meals. Get it for yourself or get it as a gift for the student in your life. There are numerous other 'beginners' recipe books available in various formats - so don't say you couldn't find anything when you are having Kraft Dinner for the fourth time in a week! Bon Appetite! Cheers!
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The "I Don't Know How to Cook" Book: 300 Great Recipes You Can't Mess Up!

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