Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Costs of College Through The Years

Over the years, college degrees and those who have them have varied and changed. In the early years, going to college was a rarity, and only those lucky enough, or with enough money, went. Of course, this changed, because nowadays, it seems almost more uncommon not to go to college than to go. Students begin thinking about college from an early age and the pressure is on to make the grades and be the best in your class. The competition is fierce! Applications to colleges and universities around the world flood in daily, while students hope to make the best choice for their own education. However, students and parents are facing an even bigger challenge: how much college actually costs. From tuition, to paying for books, living in the dorms, and getting a good meal plan, the costs add up quickly. And every year prices are rising. So what's a student to do? One of the best things a student can do is be aware of the issues surrounding student loans and the debt crisis, and plan ahead. Check out this infographic from and learn more about the history of student debt in America, and the eye-opening financial realities for the coming years.  

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