Thursday, November 15, 2012

Blog For Financial Literacy Awareness Day!

It is something you are literally going to think about every day of your entire adult life. Sometimes when you think about it your hands are going to start to sweat and your heart will race. It is going to be the source of most of your 'discussions' with your significant other. It is the leading cause of divorce in North America right now. Sounds like I could be talking about sex! In fact - most teenaged boys answer just that. Truthfully - all those statements refer to MONEY! We spend our time figuring out how to make more of it, and how to spend less of it. Sometimes we're successful at handling it - sometimes we are not!
 Today is 'Blog For Financial Literacy Day'. It's part of the overall Awareness Month going on throughout November here in Canada. I am happy to be taking part in posting today on the theme of 'My Best Tip'! A number of personal finance bloggers are taking part and if you check out my first post this month you'll see where you can find a list of everyone participating.

So what is my best tip when it comes to Financial Literacy Awareness? It is one of the words in the title - Awareness! I have written a couple of times here, and I will do it again right now, about the fact that being connected to your money and your overall financial situation is the most important thing to keep on your mind. Everything else - such as where to put your money, how to make your money grow, the best investments, the best credit cards (shudder) - is just part and parcel of the overall concept that you have to be aware of where you stand financially all the time.
There are hundreds - no thousands - of websites all talking about Personal Finance. Many of them have great information on their specific area of expertise. They are easy to find and by using websites such as, you can find the best PF websites all listed and ranked in one place - making the information gathering that much easier. But all that information is useless if you don't get it set in your mind to actually take control of your financial life - and keep control of it at all times. Stay on top of your bills. Pay your debts automatically from your accounts. Sit down with your partner and have a discussion about money as often as you feel comfortable doing so - more often if it makes you uncomfortable. Make a plan and stick to it.
Money can lead to a lot of good things in life. It can also lead to a lot of bad if it is handled improperly or allowed to rule your life instead of you ruling it. Make a vow to yourself, and your loved ones, that you will keep connected to your finances. In doing so, you will have a huge advantage over the majority of the population and you'll be ready for anything that is thrown your way.
I hope we can continue the journey together. Cheers!


  1. I think keeping an open dialogue with your spouse/family is also very important. Better to be honest and open that end up letting money come between you!

    1. Jon - Excellent point and thanks for the comment. Both partners in a relationship need to be equally connected to the household finances. It will save a lot of headaches and heartaches in the end.

  2. i found you via life insurance Canada. I like your macro approach to a financial tip. Awareness is critical in financial health.