Friday, October 21, 2011

If It Is To Be...

I'd like to touch on something in this post which isn't a tip, or a reminder, it's just the reason I, and most other personal finance bloggers, do this thing we do. When I give talks at high schools, I throw out facts and figures, give some examples of money saving ideas, and do a fun exercise at the end about retirement. But the main focus of my presentation is to simply try and get the students to think about their personal finances. One 30 minute speech can't teach you everything about handling your money. A few laughs and some interesting anecdotes won't pay your way through college. But if I can succeed, through my presentations, this blog, Twitter and Facebook to make you more aware of how easy, and important, it is for you to be connected to your money - then my work here has a purpose.
There are lots of resources online, and off, which students can use to budget, track and save their money. I don't presume to know all of them. I know I don't. But bringing a few good ones to your attention and then having you 'take the ball and run' means I am doing my job as a provider of information.
The entire saying I started in the title is this - 'If it is to be - it is up to me!' I remember that from my childhood and I try to put it into practice as much as possible. It's the same way with being a Money Smart Student. You are the only one who can decide if you want to stay on top of your finances - or if you are going to be like most people and let your finances control you rather than the other way around.Cheers!

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