Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Borrow Only What You Need!

With enough planning and hard work (and time) anyone can put themselves through college without having to take out a student loan. Sometimes, though, there is a need to supplement your education savings through borrowing.
They key is to only borrow what you will NEED to cover your expenses - not what you WANT because there's a great deal on Spring Break trips. In fact, borrow less than what you'll need and keep working and saving to the best of your ability to make up the difference. The more you borrow - the more you will have to pay back. Who wants to be paying off one wild trip to Florida or Mexico 5, or even 10 years later, because you used student loan money to pay for it?
Borrow only what you absolutely have to in order to cover expenses - and you'll be staying on the path of being ready for the real world!

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